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Legacy Letter


Passing on money and property to family and friends is obviously very important - but there can be something more intangible to leave as well. What about treasured memories, or passing on your values or your hopes and wishes for your family’s future?

Anyone thinking of doing this is really looking to create a Legacy Letter. Sometimes it is also called an ‘Emotional Will’ - but that is a bit misleading because it does not have to written in a particular emotional style. Indeed, you can create it in whatever format you wish, but InHouse can help you to think it through and prompt you with ideas from letters that others have used. You can tie it in with a letter spelling out your wishes for your personal chattels.

We can consider a Legacy Letter as an addition to making your Will - contact us today to make a home visit appointment.


Legacy Letter


There is more to leaving a family legacy than just passing on the money - what about family memories?